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Free shipping on most orders 📦

Handicare Deluxe Hammock Sling

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Having a hard time transferring patients due to the patient's weight and space disadvantage? No more worries, there is always a better solution from Handicare. Consider the Deluxe Hammock Sling for your benefit.

It is kinda hard to maintain the user in a seated posture while making a transfer when nobody is available to help you as the caregiver. It has to be difficult because of the patient’s weight. And of course, with only bare hands, it becomes more difficult.

So why not use the  Handicare Deluxe Hammock Sling? This Sling makes transfers easy for both caregiver and user while maintaining the user in a seated posture.

Offering maximum support to the sacral area, it can be used in three configurations—divided leg open, divided leg crossed or closed leg—for appropriate support, even for most amputees and includes a commode aperture for toileting.

With the Deluxe Hammock Sling, you can enjoy a whole new way to experience your world. Take a load off at the beach, relax in your backyard, or even have fun camping out.

Made for Easy Transfer

Lift and transfer patients with ease. The Deluxe Hammock Sling can lift and transfer a user with the relaxing ease of a quiet afternoon lounging outside. Designed for patients with weakened or poor body muscle tone.

The sling gently transfers users from their bed to any chair with ease – and is also great for outdoor activities like camping and the beach.

Highly Awarded

Awarded by The Arthritis Society as a Top Innovative Product (TIP) in 2014, the Deluxe Hammock Sling is a radical rethink of a traditional patient sling.

Safety And Versatile

With the Deluxe Hammock Sling, you can safely transfer a user from a wheelchair to a hammock for both comfort and relaxation.

The sling is sturdy and durable, and it includes an aperture that allows for toileting without having to transfer the user from the sling. In addition, it comes with a removable head support pillow that provides extra comfort for your user.


Multi-Purpose Seated Transfer Sling

  • Provides support around the hips and sacral area and under the thighs up to the shoulders with optional head support
  • Multiple loop and strap options can accommodate various seated and semi-reclined positions
  • Divided leg supports that can be applied and removed in a seated or supine position
  • Leg straps can be applied in various positions for different levels of support
  • Built-in caregiver handles on each side add an additional level of control when moving and transferring user
  • Small to medium commode opening


Deluxe Hammock Sling Specifications

Mesh / Poly

Part No. Size SWL
8H2700 Child 450 lb (204 kg)
8H2600 Junior 450 lb (204 kg)
8H2500 S 625 lb (283 kg)
8H2400 M 625 lb (283 kg)
8H2300 L 625 lb (283 kg)
8H2200 XL 1,000 lb (454 kg)


Mesh / Poly with Head Support

Part No. Size SWL
8H2730 Child 450 lb (204 kg)
8H2630 Junior 450 lb (204 kg)
8H2530 S 625 lb (283 kg)
8H2430 M 625 lb (283 kg)
8H2330 L 625 lb (283 kg)
8H2230 XL 1,000 lb (454 kg)


Mesh / Poly with Hip Strap

Part No. Size SWL
8H2701 Child 450 lb (204 kg)
8H2601 Junior 450 lb (204 kg)
8H2501 S 625 lb (283 kg)
8H2401 M 625 lb (283 kg)
8H2301 L 625 lb (283 kg)
8H2201 XL 1,000 lb (454 kg)


Mesh / Poly with Head Support and Hip Strap

Part No. Size SWL
8H2731 Child 450 lb (204 kg)
8H2631 Junior 450 lb (204 kg)
8H2531 S 625 lb (283 kg)
8H2431 M 625 lb (283 kg)
8H2331 L 625 lb (283 kg)
8H2231 XL 1,000 lb (454 kg)



Part No. Size SWL
8H1700 Child 450 lb (204 kg)
8H1600 Junior 450 lb (204 kg)
8H1500 S 625 lb (283 kg)
8H1400 M 625 lb (283 kg)
8H1300 L 625 lb (283 kg)
8H1200 XL 1,000 lb (454 kg)


PolySlip with Head Support

Part No. Size SWL
8H1720 Child 450 lb (204 kg)
8H1620 Junior 450 lb (204 kg)
8H1520 S 625 lb (283 kg)
8H1420 M 625 lb (283 kg)
8H1320 L 625 lb (283 kg)
8H1220 XL 1,000 lb (454 kg)


PolySlip with Hip Strap

Part No. Size SWL
8H1701 Child 450 lb (204 kg)
8H1601 Junior 450 lb (204 kg)
8H1501 S 625 lb (283 kg)
8H1401 M 625 lb (283 kg)
8H1301 L 625 lb (283 kg)
8H1201 XL 1,000 lb (454 kg)


PolySlip with Head Support and Hip Strap

Part No. Size SWL
8H1721 Child 450 lb (204 kg)
8H1621 Junior 450 lb (204 kg)
8H1521 S 625 lb (283 kg)
8H1421 M 625 lb (283 kg)
8H1321 L 625 lb (283 kg)
8H1221 XL 1,000 lb (454 kg)



Part No. Size SWL
8H4700 Child 625 lb (283 kg)
8H4600 Junior 625 lb (283 kg)
8H4500 S 625 lb (283 kg)
8H4400 M 625 lb (283 kg)
8H4300 L 625 lb (283 kg)
8H4200 XL 625 lb (283 kg)


Spacer with Head Support

Part No. Size SWL
8H4730 Child 625 lb (283 kg)
8H4630 Junior 625 lb (283 kg)
8H4530 S 625 lb (283 kg)
8H4430 M 625 lb (283 kg)
8H4330 L 625 lb (283 kg)
8H4230 XL 625 lb (283 kg)


Spacer with Hip Strap

Part No. Size SWL
8H4701 Child 625 lb (283 kg)
8H4601 Junior 625 lb (283 kg)
8H4501 S 625 lb (283 kg)
8H4401 M 625 lb (283 kg)
8H4301 L 625 lb (283 kg)
8H4201 XL 625 lb (283 kg)


Spacer with Head Support and Hip Strap

Part No. Size SWL
8H4731 Child 625 lb (283 kg)
8H4631 Junior 625 lb (283 kg)
8H4531 S 625 lb (283 kg)
8H4431 M 625 lb (283 kg)
8H4331 L 625 lb (283 kg)
8H4231 XL 625 lb (283 kg)

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