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Handicare ComfortCare Sling

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Care to give your patient a comfortable transfer? Wouldn’t it be great if you could get your recliner to work for you? That’s what the right sling can do for you. The Handicare ComfortCare Sling is designed to help make things a little easier.

Come to think of the burden every time you make a transfer of the patient from place to place and from time to time without any support?

It’s not that easy and comforting. It’s like a small fishbone stuck in your throat every time it is required. And that possible pain caused by the pressure sores to the patient makes the patient recover very slowly. And it’s not actually helping.

Be burden-free now! Use the Handicare ComfortCare Sling for better and easier patient transfer.

That’s why HandiCare developed ComfortCare Sling – a comfortable, easy-to-use sling that can be used in a variety of positions throughout the day, ensuring users are safe and secure as they go about their day.

ComfortCare is a self-retracting sling with a unique patented design. The sling provides gentle restriction of movement and ergonomic support for users who are sitting for extended periods of time or patients with amputations to prevent the risk of pressure sores and the need to repeatedly place a sling.

Multipurpose Use

The ComfortCare Sling is a multi-purpose sling that can be used to position the user in either a sitting or reclined position. The Sling comes with a flip-out leg rest, allowing for the flip-out option to be used to provide additional padding for users who need it and can also be flipped under when not needed.

Additionally, the ComfortCare Sling provides greater support than a standard sling during extended periods of sitting.

Whether the user wants to lean back or sit up straight, this sling gives him or her the ability to find just the right position for whatever he or she is doing.

This makes it perfect for a variety of people and situations, such as patients recovering from surgery or others who need extra support for their upper body while they sit in a chair.

The HandiCare ComfortCare Sling is the “traditional” sling in a more compact form – because sometimes you just need a regular recliner.

The ComfortCare Sling features the same soft feel as the Comfort Recline, but with no reclining ability. Instead, it’s designed to be used at a regular sitting angle.

Available with multiple loop and strap options that accommodate various seated and semi-reclined positions

Designed for Relaxing and Comforting

The Handicare ComfortCare Sling is a sling designed for comfort. It is a standard sling that can be used for non-reclining or reclining. The sling has an extra layer of padding on the seat and back area to allow for more comfortability while being used in any position.

The Comfort care Sling is available in a PrideCare version which features a handy pouch on the front of the sling that can be used for storage or as a convenient place to hold accessories.

The Comfort care Sling has 2 easy-to-use straps and buckles, and can support users who are between 5’0” and 6’4″, with weights from 100 to 300 lbs.

Whether you want to relax, read the paper or watch your favorite show on TV, this sling takes the pressure off your back and knees. Comfortable seating is now a reality.

ComfortCare is a revolutionary sling that blends the best of two worlds – sleek styling and user-friendly positioning. With its larger shoulder strap and soft fabric, ComfortCare offers greater comfort for the caregiver. And with its smaller thigh strap, it offers easier positioning for the user. 

Proven Secure

The lightweight sling is made of cotton/polyester and comes with a nylon safety strap for added security.

Easy to Clean

This lymphedema management product is also easy to clean with a machine wash and air dry.


Multi-Purpose Seated Transfer Sling

  • Provides support from under the thighs up to the shoulders with optional head support
  • Small commode opening is optional
  • Available with multiple loop and strap options that accommodate various seated and semi-reclined positions


ComfortCare Sling Specifications

Mesh / Poly

Part No. Size SWL
8E4700 Child 625 lb (283 kg)
8E4600 Junior 625 lb (283 kg)
8E4500 S 625 lb (283 kg)
8E4400 M 625 lb (283 kg)
8E4300 L 625 lb (283 kg)
8E4200 XL 625 lb (283 kg)


Spacer with Head Support

Part No. Size SWL
8E4730 Child 625 lb (283 kg)
8E4630 Junior 625 lb (283 kg)
8E4530 S 625 lb (283 kg)
8E4430 M 625 lb (283 kg)
8E4330 L 625 lb (283 kg)
8E4230 XL 625 lb (283 kg)


Spacer with Head Support and Hip Strap

Part No. Size SWL
8E4731 Child 625 lb (283 kg)
8E4631 Junior 625 lb (283 kg)
8E4531 S 625 lb (283 kg)
8E4431 M 625 lb (283 kg)
8E4331 L 625 lb (283 kg)
8E4231 XL 625 lb (283 kg)


Spacer with Head Support and Commode

Part No. Size SWL
8E4732 Child 625 lb (283 kg)
8E4632 Junior 625 lb (283 kg)
8E4532 S 625 lb (283 kg)
8E4432 M 625 lb (283 kg)
8E4332 L 625 lb (283 kg)
8E4232 XL 625 lb (283 kg)

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